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Title What, now?
Artist [personal profile] almost_clara
Characters Holmes, Watson, Lestrade, Donovan
Medium Digital drawing
Rating G
Warnings None
Summary A tender moment ...
Story Link A Silver Sixpence for the [ profile] sherlockbigbang community
Disclaimer Well-loved characters borrowed, taken out for an adventure and returned, only slightly foxed.
Notes Close attention to caps from TV Caps and photographs kindly supplied by [ profile] _doodle . Art beta by the very talented [ profile] fabelschwester

I  enjoyed this challenge enormously.  A Silver Sixpence is a delightful, light-hearted detective story!

What ... now? )

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I have always been fond of the Sherlock Holmes stories - I enjoyed the new BBC Holmes, with all its heartless brilliance - so, a few quick sketches.

Thumbnail John    Thumbnail Sherlock

Holmes and Watson )
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A picture inspired by The Three Hunters by Mirabile_Dictu. As with all her stories, the world-building is vivid and her characters are drawn with humanity and great compassion.

In The Three Hunters, a natural disaster separates the team:

"It's coming!" a woman screamed, and Teyla -- beautiful, strong Teyla -- began to cry, clutching Torren even tighter.

It's the sort of story that keeps you reading into the wee, small hours.  I loved it.

3 hunters thumb

Rodney pulled John to him, so he, Teyla and John stood in a tight circle )
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First post here ...

A little artwork inspired by [personal profile] busaikko's wonderful War Stories series, in which there is family life and the end of life as we know it and space battles (Rodney the fighter pilot!) and pancakes and sushi - life in all its awkwardness and imperfection along with a gorgeously cranky Jack.


Details of the War features Jack and Bean not catching any fish...

Go fish )

Earlier stories in the series: Tales from the Front and War Stories


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